testo 350-Martime-V2 Analysator DNV-GL godkjent for bruk på skip

135350,00kr eks. mva

Den første portable emisjonsanalysatoren godkjent for MARPOL Annex VI og NOx teknisk kode.

As air quality regulations become more strict and emission control areas become more prevalent, it’s good to have the testo 350-MARITIME as your emission testing solution. Built to meet the demands of maritime conditions, the Testo 350-MARITIME measures O2, CO and NOx more easily and less costly than other methods available. The perfect analyzer to test exhaust gas emissions subject to MARPOL Annex VI and the MEPC.103(49) protocol guidelines.

Reference method accuracy at a fraction of the price, all contained, convenient, rugged transport case perfect for testing marine applications. The Testo 350-MARITIME will make your emission testing and reporting quick, easy, and affordable.

Denne bærbare analysatoren er godkjent og kan benyttes for målinger i henhold til Marpol Annex 6 Måler O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 og SO2. Stort internminne